Frosty Factory Model 232

Frosty Factory produces one of the most comprehensive lines of frozen beverage equipment available on the market today. All units are quality constructed for years of dependable and profitable service. From the inception, Frosty Factory equipment has always been user-friendly. Features such as the stand-by switch enhance the equipment’s ease of operation by allowing the mix to remain refrigerated in the machine over-night. Handles installed on the side of the units provide ease of movement for equipment used in rental and catering applications. A variety of models fit any owner’s requirements. Small footprint, high production, and remote refrigeration are just a few of the options lending to today’s market needs.

Product Features:

  • Large cylinder accomodates large servings.
  • Produces up to 220 ten ounce drinks per hour.
  • Water cooled eliminates heat from serving area.
  • Lighted flavor sign draws attention to product.
  • Drinks are prepared quickly, easily, and neatly; eliminating mixing, blending and cleaning problems.
  • Stand-by switch allows mix to remain in the unit overnight saving valuable man-hours of daily cleaning, limits product handling and prevents product waste.
  • Frosty Factory equipment produces consistently great tasting drinks by eliminating variations that occur when drinks are made in small batches. Our units allow for effective inventory and liquor cost control.
  • With profit margins of 500 to 1100% and beyond, frozen drinks are the highest profit items offered on the menu!!! Frosty Factory equipment provides lower serving costs, maximizing profit dollars!!!
Hopper Capacity: 12 qts
Cylinder Capacity: 12 qts
Production: Up to 220 (10oz) drinks per hour
Compressor : 2 HP
Amps: 15A
Voltage: 230V/60Hz
Cooling: Water
Height: 32″
Width: 16 1/2″
Depth: 26″
Weight: 200 lbs