Elmeco FC-1 Millennium Granita Machine

The Elmeco First Class is a multipurpose beverage dispenser perfect for Italian granita, slushies, frozen or iced drinks, frozen margaritas, sorbet, and milk based product such as frozen yoghurt or milkshakes. It is fitted with functionally independent bowls with a capacity of 3.2 gal each which can be increased with the Elmeco Refill System. The Elmeco First Class Millennium is controlled with an advanced menu driven control board which makes use and diagnosis of issues simple. It is available in 3 models, a single, double and triple bowl.

Product Features:

  • It is the first machine fitted with a double-propeller mixing system which guarantees perfectly homogeneous mixing.
  • Comprises “Total Cold” – the patented cooling system from below which guarantees a product that is cooled perfectly to the last drop.
  • Has the capacity of 12 liters/3.2 gallons for every bowl and offers you the opportunity to increase the capacity with Elmeco Refill System
  • The First Class patented design eliminates “preventative maintenance” (versus competetive manufacturers, where mandatory costly preventative maintenance is required annually).
  • The drive shaft of each First Class unit is manufactured with a “Seal-Less” patent, which makes it uniquely the most hygienic & safest product of its kind on the market today.
  • Our equipment does NOT require periodic lubrication or seal replacements.
  • First Class is the simplest & easiest machine to clean & maintain.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-read & programmable electronic controls make operation a snap.
  • On-board “AutoDiagnostic” functions ensure longer product life by eliminating equipment misuse.
  • Programmable “Defrost Activation” sequence automatically places machine into “Standby Mode” at pre-set time.
  • Each unit is armed with “Critical Temperature” & “Low Product Level” alerts, ensuring optimal product readiness & equipment productivity.
  • On-board “Digital Clock/Timer” records & tracks, total hours of equipment operation.
  • First Class machines are manufactured to comply with HACCP Standards.
  • Our innovative First Class design makes each unit a powerful merchandiser & profit center for any business.
  • A manual & electronic locking system makes our products a perfect fit for self-service locations.
  • Our strong & energy-efficient “Refrigeration Process System” make our equipment’s preparation cycle process the fastest in its class.
Bowls: 1
Capacity: 3.2 gal
Watts: 500W
Amps: 9A
Voltage: 115V/60Hz
Height: 30 3/4″
Width: 9 7/16″
Depth: 22″
Weight: 68 lbs