Fruit-N-Ice Cherry Cola Granita Mix

All of our Fruit-N-Ice granita mixes are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients available on the market and have a fresh fruity taste with the aromatic smell of freshly picked fruit

Taste the difference of our Real Fruit granita

Unlike most of our competitors, Fruit-N-Ice contains a high percentage of real fruit puree and juice concentrates.

Fruit-N-Ice granita mix is a shelf stable product bottled in clear plastic 1/2 gal containers with an easy grip neck. It does not require being frozen or refrigerated and has an average shelf life of 12 months which can be prolonged if stored in a cool dry place.

We offer over 25 addictive flavors which will keep your customers coming back for more. Fruit-N-Ice can be mixed using a blender or in one of our fine granita machines and may be mixed with alcohol.
Packaging: Six (6) Half-Gallons per case or 3gal Bag-in-Box
Ratio: 4 Parts Water to 1 Part Fruit-N-Ice
Yield: 2112oz/case including 10% expansion
Basic Mixing Instructions

Frozen Drink Machine:

Mix one bottle (1/2gal.) of Fruit-N-Ice Granita mix
with 2 gallons of water
Shake well and pour into machine


Add 2oz of Fruit-N-Ice Granita mix
2oz of water with 8-12oz of ice according to taste
Blend and serve in a 12oz glass
*optional substitute 1oz water
With 1oz liquor
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