Cool Down With Cofrimell Cold Drink Dispensers

Cool Down With Cofrimell Cold Drink Dispensers

Many of us think of cold drink dispensers as the red and yellow drinks in our local pizza place or deli. Cofrimell took that image and shattered it with their line of cold drink dispensers. They now come in different varieties and sizes to ensure every business can find the right one for them. These drink dispensers provide excellent customer service by providing drinks at a quick pace. The machines also allow for quality control as they can be made in large batches a few times a day. This eliminates any recipe discrepancies between staff. Also, it manages inventory and the bottom line as the same amount of product is made from the same number of ingredients. Cofrimell Cold Drink Dispensers offers three lines of machines: the Capri, the Coldream, and the Jetcof.

The Capri Line
This line is meant for businesses who want a cold drink dispenser but might be limited in space. These machines come in 1-4 bowl models. When deciding on the number of bowls you will need, it is best to look at your customer needs and their order patterns. If you are a craft beer bar, chances are 1 or 2 bowls would suffice. Most customers will be coming to try your draft beer not your vodka cocktails. Since these are meant for a business that need a compact machine, it is best to determine where the machine’s home will be. You would not want to have a 4-bowl machine in space that can only fit a 2. These machines can also be paddle mixed throughout the day or have an electromagnetic pump. Model selection will ultimately depend upon the anticipated use of the machine.. Heavy drinks (like citrus based ones) would require a paddle as to not clog the machines.

The Coldream Line
Like the Capri line, the Cofrimell Cold Drink Dispensers in the Coldream line come in varying amounts of bowls form 1-4. This line is the most popular as it is a little bigger and can hold 12L of liquid per bowl as opposed to the Capri’s 10L. These are perfect for typical restaurants and bars who have popular drinks they want readily available. These machines do require a little more of a space commitment than the Capri line, so, predetermining where these machines should go would be best. The Coldream line also comes with both paddle and stream mixing options for added convenience.

The Jetcof Line
This is the top of the line of the Cofrimell machines. As with the other two lines, it has 1-4 bowl variations that are perfect for high volume establishments. While they do require a large space commitment, they can simplify the preparation of popular drinks for customers. The Jetcof bowl holds 20L of liquid and has the same mixing options as the other two lines. It is just as easy to clean as the other models. It is also made of stainless steel to keep the temperature of the drinks regulated so that each pour is cold and refreshing. Cold drink dispensers are cost effective machines which streamline the preparation of cold drinks while ensuring consistent beverage quality.

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